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At Scanaerotech we believe that our focus on technological innovations that is grounded in sustainability will enables us to reduce our environmental footprint and will in the long run benefit both our customers and suppliers.
We have over the past years introduced many initiatives to become the greenest Aviation Tooling provider in the industry and can mentioned a few of the actions we have taken so far as listed below.

We have together with WAG Funktion+Design introduced Organicline Flight Cases which is used for many of the tooling we supply. ORGANICLINE cases and boxes consist of up to 93 % regenerative raw materials, depending on the product dimensions, and are recyclable. Depending on the size of the flight case, CO2 savings from 0,5kg and up to 3kg can be achieved per case!
Bags, that has previously been made of Tarpaulin has been replaced with cotton bags, which is made of cotton produced in EU under fair trading conditions and is 100% recyclable.

We have signed an agreement with a local Waste management company which enables us to sort all our waste into 7 categories: Metal, Paper, Card box, Glass, Plastic, Food/Organic, Textile and Dangerous Waste. All our waste is collected in individual containers which is then taken care of in accordance with Danish Legislation to ensure that we recycle as much of our waste as possible.
Card boxes are re-used as much as possible, so we avoid purchasing new card boxes for shipments.

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We want to become paperless, and we are already only issuing electronic invoices wherever possible. All our datasheets, manuals and certificates will also be available as QR codes for each product we supply, to enable our customers to find the necessary information always online and updated to latest revision.

The list is only a small amount of the initiatives we have implemented so far and we will in the future further enhance our green ambitions by reducing the energy consumption in our facility by installing solar power panels. We also work closely with our suppliers to identify and find other solutions so we ensure that the suppliers we have is supporting us in our ambitions.