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Hydraulic Service Unit (2 gal/7.6 l)

Hydraulic Service Unit (2 gal/7.6 l)

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Made in light weight aluminium casing, the light weight 2 Gallon (7,5L) Oil Refurbishing Tank with double activating pump makes it easy to refurbish any hydraulic oil system. Equiped with 15 ft (4.6 m) #6 hose with 37º JIC female swivel connector

ALT. P / N: BOB02 BOB02A BOB02B BOB02C BOB02D BOB02E BOB02F BOB02G BOB02H BOB02K BOB02L Malabar Model 250 Malabar Model 260 Malabar Model 270 Malabar Model 2805 49-0 504-5279 MIL-PRF-5606 MIL-PRF-83282 06-5022-6500 06-5022-6500-A6 06-5022-6600 WF150-1 PF53361-2PWS PF53361PWS PF53481-2PWS PF54115-5P PF54115-6P PF54124-2P PF54124-3P WF160-8 2007485 06-5004-0500 06-5021-1800  06-5021-1500 GSB1210005 SL202-X BF53481-4P 260P-04-2-1-2-02-1-2 260P-05-2-1-2-02-1-2 Model 260 06-5021-1500 PF54115-8AP PF53481-22PWS 06-5020-3600 06-5042-3600 53361-2 PF54124P PF54124-EP PF55543 260P-00-1-0-1-01-0-0-A PF53361-122P HC-2157 PF54124-3PWS PF54115-8AP 06-4035-3600 GSB1210004 GSB1210010 06-4005-0511