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Air Operated Oil Dispenser 24l

Air Operated Oil Dispenser 24l

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Model features:

  • IDG/CSD fill coupling
  • Inline 10-Micron Filter
  • 3m Hose.
  • analog Manometer
  • over pressure Security Valve
  • Digital Dispensing meter


The 3m hose enables the unit to reach the CSD/IDG on all types of aircrafts with its female CSD/IDG Fill Coupling (included).

The Digital Dispensing Meter Handle allows for precise measuring and tracking the amount of fluid dispensed.

Pressurized unit for filling/ Oil Refurbishing all aircraft engine oil. The dispensing is produced through pressurizing the unit. The compressed air act on the lubricant inside the container, which is gradually dispensed when the outlet oil control valve is opened.

Pre-load the container with compressed air 0,3-0,7 MPa (3-7 bar), and the dispenser can be used without permanent connection to air pressure for an extended period. Max. admissible tank capacity is 3/4 of total capacity.

Other nozzles and e.g. 90 degree bends can be offered or manufactured on request.
Alt. PN: DH 13 PM, DH 25 PM, DH 1025 PM, BOB05B-100, PF53481-9P, 2705-24012