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Repair and Calibration
Calibration Services, Tool Repair and Proof Loading of equipment

ScanAerotech provides traceable calibration, repair and re-certification of tooling. We are an independent vendor and able to support all manufacturers and instrument types both in terms of calibration and repair services. Our well-equipped laboratories perform traceable calibration of equipment for measuring pressure to 10.000PSI. The typical turnaround time is 1-3 business days and in most cases, customers can pick-up their equipment the day after delivery.

As a value added service, we also offer our customers repair of broken tools in those cases where it is financially feasible.  Many of our customers also use us for proof loading of their lifting equipment like slings, lifting beams and jacks. 


ARINC-600 Certification The Boeing Arinc-600 Breakout boxes needs annual inspection and certification to ensure the equipment is not damaged and that the dB loss is less than 0.5dB. Scanaerotech can help you by providing you re-certification of below list of equipment:
J46002, J46002-6, J46002-7, J46002-9, J46002-10, J46002-11, J46002-12, J46002-14, J46002-16, J46002-17 and K46002-1

Pressure Testing Pressure in Air and Hydraulic equipment for accurate readings and documentation continue to rise in the aviation industry. ScanAerotech is calibrating in accordance with DS/EN 837-1 and DS/EN 1494+A1 in the pressure range of 0-10.000PSI. We also perform Vacuum calibration.