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Leasing of tools and start-up's of line stations

Many of our customers have a requirement for setting up new line stations depending on their seasonality in flight plans. This is a challenging process as all tooling is required at the line station location, for the operator to be able to get approval of their new line station. ScanAerotech can in these cases support by either leasing tools for a specific time period an in some cases build customized containers with all tolling needed to enable the operators to quickly setup the line stations wihtout having to pay for all the tools.
The standard containers we use is a 20ft. container, which is specially designed for narrowbody aircraft types ex. A320, B737, EMB175-190 series of aircraft. Alternatively, some customers also prefer and LD3-AKE container as they already have some of the heavy tools available and therefore only need a handtools and smaller tools to start up line stations. When the leasing period is finished the operator can ship the LD3 container back to ScanAerotech.

To hear more about leasing of tools and container solutions please feel free to contact us.