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COM-15015 Ozone Water Sterilisation Cart

COM-15015 Ozone Water Sterilisation Cart

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The Ozone Water Sterilization Cart is designed to enable more environmentally greener process and at the same time enable faster sterilization process.

Case studies on B737 aircraft with normal sterilization process using clorine or ELSIL hydrogen involves 4 steps:
1. Sanitizing Fill
2. Rinse
3. Rinse
4. Fill for flight
Even though the water tank of a B737 is around 230L (60Gallon), the total water usage is 4 times during sterilization process based on conventionel processes which leads to usage of 240L.
With the Ozone Sterilization Cart the water consumption is limited to 230L (60Gallon) and the man-hours spend is only 1/4 spend of conventional process.

The Ozone cart is designed for minimum maintenance and is ready to be used simple by connecting the inlet hose to the fresh water supply, turn on the ozone system and connect the outlet hose to the Aircraft fill port. Depending on the water supply pressure a B737 Aircraft water tank is sterilized and filled up within 30 minutes.

ALT. PN: 19-4305-0000, 19-4300-0000, 10M-8050, 19-4301-0000, 30M-8050, 9001-000002, WTGC96-10000, 98F38108656000, 810.001.01, 9001-000001, 10973, 110100, COM-15014, 98D38108005000, 810.001.03, COM-15015, GSB1214001, GSB1214002, GSB1214003, GSE-042, GSE042