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COM-1818 Wheel and Brake Dolly for ALL A/C

COM-1818 Wheel and Brake Dolly for ALL A/C

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Aircraft Tire and Brake Lifter is designed to enable mechanics to both lift of brakes and tire's safely and easily.
A cran arm (P/N SCA-WTK) can be used to lift brake assemblies. Can be ordered seperatly.

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Descriptions: Wheel Dolly, Wheel Trailer, Aircraft wheel Lifter, Brake Dolly.
ALTERNATIVE TO PART NUMBERS: 175M, COM-1818, BC-400, BC-500, MH12-005, 14-6883-0110, 4910015017986, NBWTA500, 15F590, 2004786, 227A-JMS, 6005-301-00-00, WTA500, 175S-2, 9092-016, IA3201A-500, MH12-004, MH12-005, 175, 8436-012, 9092-010, 9092-015, MH12-003, PF32-002-1, TD16, 14-6928-0000,  98F32401001001, 98F32401001000, COM-1818, 175S-2, STC90475-101, IA3201A-500, 175, PF32-002-1, TB900, G601R324001-1, 17500M, STC90474-101, STC90475-101, 175, 14-6883-0110, COM-13594, 9092-010, MH24, WTA-500, MACH000038, TD-20C, TN30, MH13-003, TM32200903, P-WTA500, COM-287, NBWDC1, GSE 518, GSE518, GSE-518, AJE32404173, AWBC 5, AWBC5, 803.000.06, 803.000.10, 803.000.11, 803.000.12, 2558759, GSE 32X−41−02, GSE32X−41−02, WD1250, OMCAA227BR, 15F3702, 6005000RAL7040, 6005000