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Flyaway 730N Series Torque Set Kit

Flyaway 730N Series Torque Set Kit

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ScanAerotech has together with Stahlwille developed the 730N Series Torque Set Kit, so that operators have all the required precision torque wrenches in one kit.
Alt. PN PWC45206, 99PS-60

Torque Set Kit Contents:
775/50 Screwdriver, Analogue: 100-500 cN m , Graduations: 2.5 cN m                                   ( Mfg Part #: 51060050)
730N/5 Analogue: 7-37    (Mfg Part #: 50181005 ) 
730N/2 Analogue: 20-180  (Mfg Part #: 50181002) 
730N/20 Analogue: 30-150  (Mfg Part #: 50181020) 
730N/40 Analogue: 60-300   (Mfg Part #: 50181040) 
721Nf/80 Analogue: 120-600  (Mfg Part #: 50200081)

Comes in a protective, IP67-Certified flightcase, with handle and trolley wheels.
Tools are fitted in laser-cut 3D foam.
All wrenches are factory-calibrated and issued with ISO-standard certificates